ABSS Support

Welcome to Deltatech’s ABSS (MYOB) Support Center!

ABSS Support services

  1. ABSS training
    Our training can be either on-site at your office, or classroom training conducted at our office periodically.
    Training can also be web based sessions, ideal for customers not located in the Klang Valley.
  2. ABSS Implementation
    Help with creating your ABSS company file and setting it up to work the way you need it to work, including customisation of forms.
    This can either be done on-site or remotely.
    With remote implementations, we set everything up at our office, then transfer it to your computer via a remote access tool.
    Our implementation services get you started using ABSS company file from day one!
  3. On-going post implementation ABSS support
    As you use ABSS, you may encounter a problem or wonder if there is a better way to do something.
    We’re here to share our years of experience in ABSS (MYOB) as well as accounting to assist you.
    In fact, our knowledge base has useful articles and video tutorials that you can access at any time as a valued Deltatech customer.
  4. Ad-hoc one time support
    Have a specific problem with ABSS and you just need that solved?
    Yes, we can help.
    It can either be on-site, where we come to your office and assist you, or via remote access where we connect to your computer through the internet.

Accounting support

Our support is not just about using ABSS or MYOB as it was known previously in South Asia. Having extensive accounting experience in a number of differing industries, we are also able to help in that area and provide you with a complete all round support platform.

Where our customers are located

We currently support ABSS customers in:

  1. Malaysia,
  2. Philippines, and,
  3. Indonesia
where our customers are located

Our knowledge base is multi-lingual!

We understand that some of our customers would find it easier to follow ideas and concepts in their native tongue, and have included Google Translate on our pages so you can read the content in a language you prefer.

While the translations may not be 100% accurate, we hope that it would help you understand the content better.

To translate a content, select your preferred language from the toolbar at the top right of any page that you visit, even this page!


Simply scroll to the top of the page, and look for Translate at the top right, then select the language of your choice.

You will have the option of translating into the following languages


multi language



Need support?

If you have a support request, please submit it through our support channel.

We look forward to helping you get the best out of ABSS!

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